Friday, January 31, 2014

Stock Analysis on $WYY

                                                        Stock Analysis on $WYY
  Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you all have a profitable trading week and your portfolio is shinning GREEN like mine.  I like green it reminds me of money and summer. Back on topic.
 The chart speaks for itself. If you have any question feel free to ask them either here or on Stocktwits. Going into the weekend I decided to keep my position on WYY but I will be watching it closely on Monday morning and I won't hesitate to sell if it triggers any of my sell signals I've mentioned in the chart. My current view on WYY is changing towards Bearish. As I've mentioned in my previous posts I have one big concern with the recent gains is the Volume. Those gains tell me they are temporary it also tells me Weak Longs are trying to lock in a quick profit.
 As I was writing this article WidePoint Corporation filed its Registration statement under Securities Act of 1933.

"We may offer and sell from time to time up to $25.0 million of any combination of the securities described in this prospectus, in one or more classes or series and in amounts, at prices and on terms that we will determine at the times of the offerings. This prospectus describes the general manner in which our securities may be offered using this prospectus. We will provide specific terms of the securities, including the offering prices, in one or more supplements to this prospectus"

 Basically they are planning on selling 25mil worth of stock. Price is not set yet and will be set in the future which puts me in the Casino seat with my gambling chips (shares) on the table.

 What to expect and look for on Monday morning?

If I don't see price support by Volume I will be exiting a trade.
2. The Average Directional Index (ADX) measures trend strength without regard to trend direction
Currently Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) is  @20.91 barely above 20 line and pointing/heading down. Crossing 20 line would trigger my sell order. 

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As always keep in mind that News can turn things around fast in the stock market and my personal opinion and analysis can be wrong. 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bears vs VRNG

Independent Stock Analysis of $VRNG

This is completely independent review of the stock which is based purely on my personal opinion and technical indicators. I dont't have a position in this stock neither planning on starting one. I am not affiliated with any promotional websites or organization. My personal opinion can be wrong. 

Vringo, Inc. 

Pretty much everything speaks for itself on the chart. Except Earnings and Estimates for VRNG are the same as they were reported in 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2013 (earnings of USD -0.13 per share) back then stock was trading around $3.00 pivot point.
Update: Of course  a settlement with Google can turn things around for the stock but I don't see this happening any soon. In the big picture VRNG is still worth 3.00 book value. Producing revenue from lawsuits is not going to last long.

The Prophesy is True! Charts can predict the future!

                                   After Market Update on $WYY $NURO

  What an exiting day for swing trading and reversals. If you followed my previous posts and analysis you are most likely made great gains on those reversals. Check out my previous blog posts if you have not and you find out that all 3 predictions were spot on. At this point I am fully invested in WYY & NURO so I would like to start my update with them first. As always, please keep in mind this is just my personal opinion and I can be wrong in my indicators.

Widepoint Corp (WYY)

 I am still very bullish on WYY even with  kind a neutral trend. WYY is trading sideways at the moment. Closing two days in a row with Dojis indicating the market is confused. I would usually pay more attention to those Dojis if we were at the resistance or higher highs but since we are in upper trend and slightly moving upwards I would not pay much attention to them. I am a little bit worried about volume here and I will be watching it closely. I can see Volume increasing near 1.60 price range this would confirm a future break out for me. After all WYY has been holding its gains very firmly. I personally like this company and I can see a lot for it in the future. I really like WYY's book value. Lets take a look at its competitors in the Industry like Tangoe, INc.(TNGO) which is trading $18.37 per share. By playing with book values and adjusting it to WYY I came up with a value of $2.62 per share assuming WYY would keep the current market cap and won't expand.

Neurometrix Inc (NURO)

What a great run for NURO today closing  above 2.40 confirming a reversal .It perfectly followed my previous chart form yesterday. I updated today's chart after market. Again it should be self explanatory but there is a few things I would like to add.    It looks like its ready to break out through 2.50 area so we might see two scenarios tomorrow morning confirming a continuation of the uptrend. One of them opening with a gap above 2.50 in that case we will have a new established support @ 2.50 and next break out through 2.65. But..... Knowing this stock and extreme Volatility it has I would not be surprised to see a pull back to 2.30 again and then forming a triple top candle @ 2.50. Long term NURO is still a great deal with Earnings Call coming out on Feb 13th and recent %7 increase of Blackrock's 13G ownership it positioned to go higher all the way to $3.00 mark. On that note I would like to share my #1 Proven Rule I learned hard way in this market multiple times. 

Never hold a stock through out Earning's Call!

Update 1/30 After Market Trade Triggered: Set my sell order @2.57 kinda hopping it would expire, came back home from the gym and noticed and got filled. Can't complain with one day trade and +0.27 profit. Just hoping for the second scenario tomorrow with a triple candle to buy back in :). No matter what it will be a good day for NURO. Good luck to those who is still in.

 I won't be day trading tomorrow morning due to my Real Estate exam. Please wish me luck and happy trading!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ZNGA Stock Analysis Update per Stocktwits Users Request 

Please keep in mind while Analyzing this stock I did not take any news, possible deals or rumors in consideration.  I strictly followed technical indicators based on the current chart. All my Analysis is purely based on charting and technical signals. Feel free to provide your opinion if you feel that I am wrong. Happy Trading.

Zynga Inc (ZNGA)

Chart is self explanatory. My view on ZNGA is pretty neutral. As you can see there is a possible W-Bottom forming on Bollinger Bands. If it follows my chart we will see another low of 3:25(low Bollinger Band)  before any bullish signal.  I would personally wait a few days and see where it settles and if 3:30 support holds before even thinking of starting a position. So far its accumulating in 3:30-3:40 range.    
Due its market correction  we are seeing 5% -10% drop on most of the gains from 2013 just in two days.  Will positive President's speech and Feds taper help to stabilize the market? What's to look for and how to take advantage of the bearish market? Try to detect those stocks that resisting and floating against the bearish flow. If they could swim against the stream, they were the ones that would advance most rapidly when the current changed. How to identify those stocks and what to look for? With all that there are a few stocks which are holding its own and WYY is one of them.

WYY I am still long on this stock? 

Widepoint Corp (WYY)

This was a good test day for WYY.  Trading 1.50 pivot point and support before President's speech and Feds Announcement shows that longs are still there and holding strong. Low sell off volume shows us most of the shorts are out.  Slow STO is bouncing from oversold. WYY closing with a Doji confirming a support. There is absolutely no resistance till $1.60 price which we can see either by Friday or Monday next week.  I am still holding my core position from 1.30s and will add more on a dip which most likely is not going to happen.

Tasman Metals (TAS)

 I mentioned TAS  in my previous blog when it closed @1.09 in last 2 days it confirmed a reversal and it has all the room to go to 1.50 the chart speaks for itself. Slow STO buy signal triggered, broke RSI 50 and Mac Histogram starting to revers polarity. I currently have no position in Tas since I missed my 1.00 entry but I am hoping for a minor pullback due to Gold and Silver Market to start one.

Neurometrix Inc (NURO)

I've been trading and  watching NURO for a few weeks now and it has some crazy Volatility. One thing I've noticed is low Volume manipulation in the stock. Nevertheless I like the set up and opportunity it offers for a swing trade and here is why.  Stock is way oversold  with RSI 40.33. Established a support around mda(90) @2.24 barely touching lower Bollinger Band but closing above it. With Earnings Call coming on February 13th I am almost 100% positive for a stock reversal all the way to $3.00 Upper Bollinger Band. I am looking for a good entry point around 2.20-2.24 with very tight stop loss 1.17 and I would not recommend holding it through out Earnings.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WYY After Marktet Update

 After Market Analysis 1/28/2014
$WYY it should go higher and is there more steam left?

As I mentioned in my morning Blog today WYY did rally of 50dma and was up +0.19 by the end of the day. lets have a closer look what left for us in it for tomorrow. 

As you can see in the chart there is plenty of steam left in the stock to test  $1.90 again in the following week.

Technical Analysis of the market 1/28/2014

Good morning! Yesterday we've noticed a market drop due its 5%-7% correction. The SP 500 hit a low of 1775 on the SP 500 from the 1830 areas in a few days and will continue
dropping at a minimum to the 1713 area. There are two stocks are perfectly positioned for a swing trade which you should take advantage of the current dips

TAS has a nice swing trade set up. Slow STO in oversold, RSI riding 50 line and we saw support yesterday bouncing off MA(50). Recommended price entry $1.00-$1.05

WYY dropped below of MA(50) yesterday but closed above it with a strong bullish support. RSI is in oversold territory of 41.89 along with Slow STO 17.83 & 31.38.  I recommend starting a position in $1.35- $1.42 range.