Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Technical Analysis of the market 1/28/2014

Good morning! Yesterday we've noticed a market drop due its 5%-7% correction. The SP 500 hit a low of 1775 on the SP 500 from the 1830 areas in a few days and will continue
dropping at a minimum to the 1713 area. There are two stocks are perfectly positioned for a swing trade which you should take advantage of the current dips

TAS has a nice swing trade set up. Slow STO in oversold, RSI riding 50 line and we saw support yesterday bouncing off MA(50). Recommended price entry $1.00-$1.05

WYY dropped below of MA(50) yesterday but closed above it with a strong bullish support. RSI is in oversold territory of 41.89 along with Slow STO 17.83 & 31.38.  I recommend starting a position in $1.35- $1.42 range.


  1. Way to be man! Best wishes and good luck!

    - Andrew

    1. Failed my Exam today lol. I need to study more and play stocks less :)