Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bears vs VRNG

Independent Stock Analysis of $VRNG

This is completely independent review of the stock which is based purely on my personal opinion and technical indicators. I dont't have a position in this stock neither planning on starting one. I am not affiliated with any promotional websites or organization. My personal opinion can be wrong. 

Vringo, Inc. 

Pretty much everything speaks for itself on the chart. Except Earnings and Estimates for VRNG are the same as they were reported in 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2013 (earnings of USD -0.13 per share) back then stock was trading around $3.00 pivot point.
Update: Of course  a settlement with Google can turn things around for the stock but I don't see this happening any soon. In the big picture VRNG is still worth 3.00 book value. Producing revenue from lawsuits is not going to last long.

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